MR. LENOR is the brainchild of Djibril Cisse, world renowned footballer, eclectic fashion icon, and DJ extraordinaire.  
Djibril grew up in Barriol Arles, France, where he developed an intense ardor for sport,  fashion and music….a synthesis of passions, combined with his African roots,  which are strikingly conspicuous within the Mr. Lenoir Fashion Collections.   
Djibril's stated goal is to share his extraordinary fashion sense with his many fans….to bring color, variety  and originality into their wardrobes.   
At Mr. Lenoir, we design, create and develop exceptional and original premium products with the  distinguished "Djibril flair".    The ORIGINAL smart street wear,   at once seeped in 1970's and 1980's joie de vivre, while at the same time being absolutely and vibrantly  "HERE AND NOW". 
MR. LENOIR products are manufactured in limited quantities and with a high attention to detail and craft.     
The collections are delivered in curated monthly drops.      
Each MR. LENOIR drop consists of exciting, singular ideas which reflect the varied mix of influences which are representative of Djibril Cisse, himself. 
MR. LENOIR are an inclusive community who are  the preeminent WARRIORS OF OUR TRIBE.      
We exude confidence.  We are at peace with loving ourselves and at the same time we love and respect all others    We  revel in our differences.    We are curious about the great, big world around us.       
We are the ALWAYS the Best Dressed in the Room.
Citizens of Europe.  Citizens of Africa.  Citizens of the World.           
HARMONY is our Message.     We offer something for EVERYONE.